We bring photography to the public

and give 100% from all print sales 

to three exceptional charities!



Keiyo is a growing network of photographers, creative activists and businesses who are committed to social and environmental change.

We believe great pictures can do more than giving viewers a glimpse of the photographers inspiration to capture his motive. They can tangibly help create a better future for the planet.


Our Mission

Keiyos' limited edition prints help to free oceans from plastics, make clean water in developing countries accessible and protect endangered wildlife in Africa.


Street Shows

The goal of our public shows is to surprise people on the streets of their hometowns with a unique event. Through selected photography on display we aim to show visitors the beauty and diversity of our world and the people, animals and places that inspire our photographers to capture the world.


Since 2015 we have exhibited in Basel, Berlin, Miami and New York to test this idea and learn about the work that is needed behind the scenes of our ambitious project.


Currently we are developing an advanced display system. The next street shows are planned from Spring 2021. 

Our 100% promise 

Making a 100% donation of each sold limited edition print can create a lot of impact, especially when thousands of people see our public shows in just a single day!  


Our Founder

"The name Keiyo derives from the Japanese language and translates to ‘the joy of giving’. 


I named this organisation Keiyo because I believe that the beginning of spiritual growth and wealth lies in a selfless act of kindness: to give without the expectation of return."

- Raphael Rapior



Our Team

Our team is a diverse group of talented, passionate people who believe in the meaningful work we are doing to promote art, creativity, and compassion.

We are delighted to see Keiyo growing every year as we find more and more people who want to be a part of this project. This speaks to our vision and the growing awareness of the global challenges we face and how art can help us change things.


Our Supporters

Keiyo is possible thanks to the generous support of private donors, organizations and companies. 


Each sold print multiplies their funds through the 100% donation to the charities and helps us to maintain our work. Together we send artworks to work!


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